MARE Meeting project – WP4

Topic: MARE WP4 Meeting
Time: Jan 19th, 2022 16:00- 17:30 (Vietnam time)
Form:  Zoom Meeting
Participants: Mr. Anton Shkaruba (EMU), Dr. Le Thi Kim Thoa (HCMUNRE), Ms. Ho Thi Yen Thu (MCD), Ms. Ngo Thi Ngoc (MCD)

Minute of the meeting
1. Clarification of MCD roles/tasks in MARE:

MCD involvement (background, roles and tasks, and issues) was re-stated as provided in the Notes of meeting dated 27th June 2021 between Mr. Anton and Ms. Thu on this subject
Mr. Anton facilitated for Dr. Thoa and Ms. Thu to Q&A for mutual understanding

2. Solutions for the issues in enabling MCD to deliver its roles and tasks:

Mr. Anton facilitated for Dr. Thoa and Ms Thu to discuss and come up with feasible solutions that should be workable for MCD and also bring in values for the works of the Vietnamese academic partners in the project.
The following solutions were agreed after the discussion:

  1. For access to and review of the project works from academic partners so that their education program and its educational materials (BSc courses, PhD research plan, etc.) accommodate inputs from NGO as an essential professional stakeholder/end-user.
    • Request Igor or Anton to allow MCD to have access to the submitted project works from academic partners i.e. education programs and its educational materials (syllabuses, lecture texts) as these documents require permission for access.
    • MCD selects suitable documents to review and provide inputs (make comments/suggestions, provide practical contents). Note that at this stage, the syllabuses are approved by and quite fixed; some lecture notes are being compiled some are completed, for example: HCMUNRE uploaded 3 lectures in power-point format, VMU and NIO uploaded some lecture notes. Academic partners should welcome MCD inputs
    • Academic partners keep MCD informed of their progress in finalizing the education materials. It is expected that in the last quarter of 2022, the education materials supported by MARE project would be finalized, approved and officially used for students. It is also expected that videos introducing the new/improved academic programs supported by MARE would also be made and produced.
  2. For SCP:
  • it was agreed that when the roadmap for having the new/improved academic programs supported by MARE be finalized, approved and officially used, then it becomes eligible to start communicate with related stakeholders about the MARE products and invite their involvement in a SCP. Then each academic partners should be able to consolidate their works in MARE project to be presented in the SCP. HCMUNRE should coordinate the academic partners for keeping MCD fully informed of this process
  • It is expected that the first dialogue for kick-off the SCP should only be feasible at around Dec 2022. MCD and HCMUNRE would co-host the dialogue, and other academic partners should be participating partners. MCD should work closely with HCMUNRE as the focal point of MARE Vietnamese partners to coordinate the organization of the SCP and the dialogue. MARE project should provide funds needed for this SCP actual activities.
  • Proposed actions as preparations towards establishing the SCP: from March to Nov 2022
  • Listing of potentially relevant orgs from different sectors: MCD share first draft for HCMUNRE and others to have inputs;
  • Contact them (the potential SCP participants) to check their interest and availability: MCD coordinate the connection; HCMUNRE coordinates the contents (MARE introduction, process, products) to be shared; Anton and others to have inputs
  • Organize interactions: online expression of interest in SCP : MCD coordinates
  • Identify the most relevant orgs to become the core group of the SCP and delegate a focal point org:
  • Preparation for launch the SCP Vietnam through the kick-off dialogue (blended format online and offline): MCD and HCMUNRE coordinate; Anton and others to participate.