Online meeting with VMU about LMS

On the morning of May 26, 2021, HCMUNRE-P5 and VMU-P6 held an online meeting
Meeting participants:
-Le Thi Kim Thoa, HCMUNRE- P5
– Phan The Nam, VMU -P6

– Tran Duc Phu, VMU, P6
Meeting Mode: online
Media used: Google Meet 
Meeting content:
– Discuss the construction of the Moodle online learning system
– Discuss the content of compiling the course of ports and marine works for students of the Faculty of marine and island resource management.
– Plan and form of teaching this subject in the near future.
– Proposing cooperation directions in online training. 

Thoa from HCMUNRE-P5 informed about the progress of completing the lecture on port and marine engineering, as well as the expected time to complete each stage in the course. During the meeting, Thoa emphasized the importance of choosing the right content for video recording and online teaching. Forms of course’s assessment in each topic, and especially discussing how to share learning resources with students from other schools.

Nam from VMU-P6 shared the difficulties in installing the moodle online training system. Since the Faculty responsible for implementing the MARE project is a group of staff from one of the many faculties in the university. All information about the MARE project uploaded to the website is provided by the university’s IT department. The Faculty has no right to interfere with the school’s server system. Therefore, they face many difficulties in posting information about the project’s activities on the university’s website. Nam also acknowledged that Moodle is a relatively new online training system for the school. Currently, the school has an online training system, but this system belongs to another project and is managed by another unit in the university.

Thoa suggested that, in order to be proactive in online training, the Faculty must ask the school to access the server system, from which the Faculty’s IT can install Moodle, upload the lecture content to the system, as well as proactively arrange in organizing the courses. Thoa shared the interface of the elearning system of P5 using moodle.

Phu from VMU-P6 said that he will send the lecture content on port and marine contructions to P5 on 20 June 2021 and wants to access to this elearning system wiht the hope that they will get the idea on how to build a moodle elearning system for VMU. 

It is hoped that in the upcoming seminar organized by the EU (30 June – 2 Jul 2021), VN partners will be trained on moodle, recording media, how to compose interesting online lectures, as well as how to organize an effective class. After this seminar, if other VN partners would like to get deeply involved in moodle, P5 can share this information.