Results of evaluating the detailed outlines of online course in the MARE project from scientific board

Date: 26 November 2020
Members: 7 members of the Scientific Council of Science: Nguyen Ky Phung, Le Thi Kim Thoa, Le Quang Toai, Nguyen Thi Bay, Bao Thanh, Nguyen Van Tu, Dinh Ngoc Huy.
Location: meeting room B

The evaluation results of the detailed course outline from the scientific board have been evaluated and agreed upon the evaluation results as follows:
– Regarding the form and structure of the detailed outline of the module: Basically the outline has been compiled in the prescribed form.
– course’s objectives: are oriented towards learners, have determined the correct level of knowledge and skills to be achieved.
– course’s contents: presented by chapters, sections and sub-sections, following the requirements of the training program.
– the contents of each week: have presented clearly each content of theory, practice, exercises, seminars, discussions, self-study, assessment, counseling for learners; Objectives should be achieved at different levels according to each content.

There are also contents that need to be edited and supplemented:

– course’s objectives:: some of the detailed outlines have not adhered to the objectives and summarized contents in the training program, are not aimed at learners, lack of clarity; The level of knowledge and skills of learners that need to be achieved in each issue is lacking in detail and difficult to quantify.
– The content that requires students to prepare is still sketchy, just read the document, not clearly indicating the content to be read, need to prepare; No requirement for learners to harvest results, or to what extent, or to do anything to make learning new lessons better in class.
– Content, form, evaluation, not clearly stated subject; general goals. Insufficient goals and criteria for the forms of examination and evaluation.


The Scientific Council approves the detailed outline content. However, the detailed syllabus which lacks some of the above information should be immediately added and submitted to the scientific council after 2 working weeks.

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